Certify your Local Farm,

Food Products, and

Food Distribution Services

Certified Grown Local products and bi-products and services include but are not limited to:   Fresh produce, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, sprouts, meats, eggs, cheese, milk, dairy, foraged plants, hunted, fished or wild caught meats, raised plants or animals, any value added farm good, and any legally grown and/or processed farm good such as marijuana applies.

These typically include but not limited to: All raw, frozen, dehydrated, cut, mixed, canned, jarred, baked, fried, cooked, or any other processed farm product and/or bi-product method of preparation applies. Dried grains for feed, seed, soil amendments and fertilizer products, any raised live animals, feed stock, seed stock, plant stock, and nursery stock also apply.  

Examples include but are not limited to: frozen berries, fruit leather, juice, popsicles, smoothies, granola, flour, grains, jerky, jam, pies, pesto, soups, sauces, milk, butter, cheese, beef, pork, chicken, fish, turkey, chicken; also feed, seed, soil amendments, crop applications, nursery plants, root stock, chicks, livestock, farm animals and wild animals also apply.

Local Food Distribution Services are also eligible to be Certified Grown Local. Any truck, boat, plane, or train service that carries or transports food described as being locally produced may be Certified Grown Local by the Grown Local Global LLC.            

Food Producers

All Food Producers, Growers, and Farmers that market their products as local are eligible to apply. 

Distribution Services

Distribution Services that transport food considered to be locally grown, produced, or processed are eligible to apply. 

Food Processors

Food Processors that use locally produced food in their processing are eligible to apply.

Feed, Seed, Fertilizers

Producers of Feed, Seed, Fertilizer or any other crop application are eligible to apply