Certified Grown Local Strawberries!

Growing strawberries for Farmers Markets, Food Coops, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, and Upicks is rewarding in many ways and loved by all.

Locally Grown Strawberries are Now Certified Grown Local

My customers appreciate how dedicated I have been to providing fresh berries and produce under the organic label for over 15 years. After so many frustrations with the organic program, I decided to go with Certified Grown Local. My customers know their farmer and care more that their food was grown locally and that their dollars are supporting a local farm.

Benefits of Using the Certified Grown Local Seal

I have found that the process for becoming Certified Grown Local is simple and affordable without common hassel you may find from other certifiers. Plus my customers feel confident when buying the food they eat when they see that seal. The seal for Certified Grown Local shows that the farmer cares about their customers by informing them their farm has been formally approved by the Grown Local Global LLC.

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