Bringing Variety and Color to your Table

What are my customers looking for when they buy their produce?

I have found that many people seek adventure in the food they eat. There is a lot to breeding varieties of produce for nutrition, flavor, shelf life, disease resistance, and days to maturity in different climates to name a few. So much goes into seed selection and parent varieties have been at risk of losing genetic diversity over the last 50 years or more.

Government controlled foods are a Real Thing!!

Ever wonder why you only see typical shapes and colors in the grocery stores?

Seed variety is controlled. Seed Banks around the globe make it possible to store seed varieties necessary to maintain genetic diversity when selecting seeds that will thrive in ever changing environments. Year to year the climate shifts. It is inevitable, and is becoming more and more unpredictable. I have experimented with breeding seeds for my growing conditions and what people are looking for for flavor and nutrition as a top priority.

When Choosing Grown Local Certified Foods,

I know I am benefiting for the future:

  • Seed Diversity

  • Supporting Independent Farmers

  • Fresh and not dependant on long shelf life and loss of nutritional value

Check out my archive over the years:

Customers love the Grown Local Produce and Farm Products!! #GrownLocal

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