About Grown Local

Grown Local is a Certification Mark designed by a small farmer for farmers, growers, food producers, food processors, food distribution services, and/or farmer applications such as feed, seed, fertilizer, or any other soil amendment or crop application.
Certified Grown Local
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Certified Grown Local businesses are authorized to use the wordmark and/or certification mark to market their product(s) as Grown Local. They will be authorized to use this label directly on the physical products, websites, signs, trucks, cargo, barge, plane, or any other form of transportation. 


Label Requirements

The label must use the Grown Local wordmark, certification mark, and/or any graphics that include Grown Local with the following statement:

Certified Grown Local by the Grown Local Global LLC.

Proceeds and Grant Eligibility 
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Feeling ready for a marketable label that gives you Grant Eligibility? 

Yes! Finally a label that gives back to the producers. Each company that certifies their product to be Grown Local is automatically eligible to apply for the rotating grant. More information coming soon. 

Verified Sustainability
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Let your customers know they are supporting a sustainable and locally produced product by verifying that your product/service is Grown Local by the Grown Local Global LLC.