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Certification Services

Grown Local Global is a Trademark and Certification Service to be Certified Grown Local. Local food producers, processors and distribution services use this label for their products that are locally grown, produced, processed, and/or transported within their market region.

About us

Grown Local Global is a farmer owned company designed for farmers, food producers, food processors, and distribution services to certify their locally grown food, processed, or distributed products to be Certified Grown Local by the Grown Local Global LLC. 

Benefit from setting your wholesale and retail prices comparable to that of other food certification types. Local farmers should be receiving a higher profit while retail outlets keep their mark-up affordable to their costumers.


Let's make this movement happen together!! 

Latest News 
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Grant Eligibility 

January 01, 2021


All Farmers, Food Producers, Food Processors, and Local Food Hub Distribution Services that are Certified Grown Local are eligible to Apply.


The revolving grant will be set forth annually giving applicants a chance to receive grant funds.


Funds are intended to help businesses grow their market towards a sustainable future by means of obtaining greenhouse structures, hydroponics, irrigation systems, equipment considered to be appropriate technology with low environmental impact, investing in sustainable packaging, as well as Grown Local representatives actively finding a market for your products. 

Markets may include retail stores, online stores, import and export by barge, plane, or truck. 


Farm Fresh Eggs

March 09, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs are best when sourced from your local farmers. Look for the Grown Local seal when buying your eggs, meat, cheese, milk, bread, honey, jam, sauce and more, and know your dollars are supporting a sustainable future.